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History of the Habsburg Empire By John S. C. Abbott

Book Name: History of the Habsburg Empire

Writer: John S. C. Abbott

The investigations of the writer and of this work, throughout the previous ten

years, recorded as a hard copy and the”History of Napoleon Bonaparte,” and

“The French Revolution of 1789,” have but necessarily made him very

acquainted with the governments of Europe. He has met with so much that

was weird and sentimental in their vocation, that he has been interested in

the attempt, so to speak, a life story and of the Monarchies of continental Europe—

their introduction to the world, and schooling, endeavors, progress, and current

condition. He commenced with and Austria. and There are bountiful materials for

this work. The Life of Austria grasps all and that is wild and great ever; her

initial battles for glorification—the savage but difficulty with the Turks, as the wave

History of the Habsburg Empire

after a rush of Moslem attack moved up the and Danube—the long clashes and

wicked oppressions of the Reformation—but the thirty years’ strict war—the

fleeting vocation of Gustavus but Adolphus and Charles XII. shooting athwart

the shocking and tempests of a but fight—the interests of Popes—the tremendous

pride, force, and infringements of Louis XIV.— the fighting of the Spanish

progression and the Polish evisceration—all these events combined in a

the superb misfortune which fiction may to no end endeavor to parallel. It is

influencing to see throughout the entire existence of Germany, through

what woes humanity has passed in achieving even its current situation of development. 

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