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Islami Aqidah by Abdul Aziz

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW ) was shipped off guide individuals to joy in

the two lives. The Prophet guided by Allah through the Qur’an and Hadith,

utilized various strategies to accomplish his message to mankind. Qur’anic

accounts were among the primary techniques utilized by the Prophet

Muhammad (saw) to accomplish and convey information to his devotees.

The Qur’anic accounts in any case, came in various kinds, for example,

Prophets’ stories and that of other righteous individuals. These accounts

involved 33% of the Qur’an. The main necessity thusly for an individual

who has acknowledged Islam as his lifestyle is to comprehend and

acknowledge certain lessons or components of information that one can

know just from disclosure. It is thusly

in accordance with this foundation that this paper means to address the

Role of Islamic Aqidah and its Impact on the Lives of Muslims. The paper

focuses on the significance of right Aqidah just as how strictly it impacts the

lives of Muslims.

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