100 Inspiring Stories to Enrich Your Life


Book Name: 100 Inspiring Stories to Enrich Your Life

Writer: G. Francis Xavier

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Discover your solutions to life’s difficulties with 100 Inspiring Stories to Enrich Your Life. This significant assortment of stories will energize your regular schedules and exercises with center, vitality and importance. A fast and intuitive read, it doubts your current convictions and uncovers the key to motivated living. Test your basic capacities, your qualities and judgment in various conditions.

With profound messages for each peruser, these rich, short stories will give you mental fortitude and vision for a satisfying life. They will assist you with making a decision about right from wrong; the great from awful. Peruse 100 Inspiring Stories to Enrich Your Life to turn into a profoundly advanced, highachieving and wellrounded person.

Dr. G. Francis Xavier is a mentor and creator of universal notoriety. He is a gold medalist with a doctorate in selfimprovement. He has worked in renowned limits at a few instructive establishments across India. He was earlier the Financial Adviser to the Asian Confederation of Credit Unions (ACCU), Bangkok. He currently leads the well known Trainers’ Training Program, both in India and abroad. Dr. Xavier is the writer of in excess of 15 books on assorted subjects. His helpful stories have been converted into eight Indian dialects.


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