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War and Revolution By DOMENICO LOSURDO

Book Name: War and Revolution


Authentic Revisionism and the Liquidation of the Revolutionary TraditionIs there a string to direct us in the maze of rereadings, reconsiderations, and

reinterpretations known as ‘recorded revisionism’? As indicated by one of its most eminent delegates – Ernst Nolte – Hitler, in killing the Jews,

regarded the ‘Asiatic’ boorishness of the Bolsheviks, and the class genocide carried out by them, both as a model and as a risk to be turned away at any

cost.1The Nazis’ activities added up to an approach of ‘counter-obliteration’ – a reaction to the challenge of the strategy of ‘demolition’ actualized by the

system deriving from October 1917. Not exclusively was the ghastliness of the Third Reich a derivative phenomenon, yet its violations – ‘until 1941’ –

‘were exceptionally less massive than those executed for the sake of the lowly unrest in the Soviet Union’.2 The creator of this examination is

another conspicuous figure in historical revisionism, François Furet, who doesn’t bind himself to implicate the Stalinist wonder’, however, returns to

the ‘Jacobin custom’ behind it.


With its pitiless revelations, Solzhenitsyn’s work has become the fundamental authentic reference for the Soviet

experience, ineluctably finding the issue of the Gulag at the very center of the progressive undertaking. Once that occurred, the Russian model will

undoubtedly pivot, to strike its French ‘starting point’ … the two upsets … are today … blamed for being, consubstantially, frameworks of meticulous

constraint over men’s bodies and minds.3And there is no point conjuring claimed ‘conditions’ – ‘outside phenomena that had nothing to do with’ the

progressive venture and philosophy. Indeed, the

last produced detestations solely out of its own inner rationale or

insanity. Furet causes to notice Tocqueville’s finding of the perpetual revolutionary upheaval in France between the seventeenth and eighteenth

hundreds of years. We are dealing with a ‘sickness’, ‘an infection of another and obscure kind’,4 which has continued to seethe with intensified brutality

in the twentieth century.

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